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Metering & Water Efficiency

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In addition to leak detection and remediation, Watertight Management can identify and implement further water efficiency opportunities including water meter installations.

Watertight Management undertake a variety of water meter installs, including mechanical, electromagnetic and ultrasonic, for a number of clients throughout the UK.

On a day to day basis we are able to install water meters from a boundary box to an internal fit, all the way up to and above 300mm main meter install with bypass.

We design our installs to be future proof by enabling our meters to be exchanged by way of a quick release system within the chamber. This approach significantly reduces life cycle costs, minimises risk and allows for a faster and more effective exchange.

We can also work with you to explore water saving methods to reduce your water bills including:

  • Grey water harvesting
  • Water efficiency devices
  • Water harvesting
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