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Watertight Management can deliver a range of trenchless techniques for underground pipe installation and renewal.

We begin by working proactively with our clients, scoping each project and undertaking comprehensive planning. Many schemes will require a mixture of techniques to achieve the best overall solution. Our engineers then undertake digging and drilling quickly and efficiently, ensuring that our exceptional quality standards are maintained.

We can offer:

Allows a wide range of underground asserts including potable water mains, gas pipework, electric cables, ducts, data and fibre ducts, gravity and rising sewers, to be installed with minimal disruption.

By using a thrust boring tool to displace the soil, a bore is used to draw in a new asset. This technique allows the installation of a new pipe, duct or cable up to a diameter of 160mm.

This method allows the replacement of a pipe within the line of the old asset to the same or slightly upsized diameter. It is suitable for a range of pipelines from iron water mains to clay gravity sewers.

This approach uses as old asset as a duct for a new one.

All of the approaches noted above allow the installation of new pipework when excavation is not practical, possible or economically / environmentally viable.

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